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April 11, 2012
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HS101 : Hanabi Kaoru by tori-ru HS101 : Hanabi Kaoru by tori-ru
:new: Old App: [link]

Updated Hana's App! Made him look a bit more of his age and fixed proportions of his body Q 7 Q
Anyway, feel free to RP with him either through comment or msn! Just note me and i'll give you my email! (((((((((((*っ・з・)ノ

:iconhighschool-101: :iconhighschool-101: :iconhighschool-101:

Full name : Hanabi Kaoru
VOICE : [link] ( 0:20 - 0:50 )

Likes :
To draw
Watching anime
Reading anime
Collecting anime merchandise
Watching movies
Video Games
Red apples

Dislikes :
Rats (including hamsters)
His private space being invaded
His things being used without permission
Public bathrooms
People who keep breaking their promise
Extreme heat during summer
His phone ringing in the middle of the night or when he just managed to fall asleep

Personality : Normally quiet unless approached, Hana is a typical high school student who plays video games and does what he loves the most (which is drawing). He tends to observe his surroundings and prefers to hang around with small groups of people than being in a huge, noisy crowd. He always tries to be polite but only until he is provoked. His patience is just above average and hates being doubted the most when he's being honest.

He will treat anyone with kindness so long as he is treated the same way. That being said, he will also treat others with hostility if he is given the same treatment.

Family Background / History :

Kaoru lives a normal life with his parents, three older brothers, and 2 older sisters (him being the youngest of all). Due to his feminine features, Kaoru is often teased by the male kids in his class and neighborhood. He was also branded with the name "Hana" (a female name) but as he was growing up, he learned to not really care anymore about what other kids say.

In middle school, he started to distance himself from people by locking himself up in his room all day and turning his attention to drawing ANIME and the internet, causing his family to worry over him at the beginning.

Soon after, he started his hobby of "cosplaying" and attending "anime conventions" with his internet friends. Only his family knows of this and they are very supportive of him, but it is not because he purposely keeps his hobby a secret to everyone; he just doesn't talk about it first unless he is specifically asked whether he does cosplaying or not.

Crush : none

Additional Info:
He has a mole on his left neck
Loves zombie movies and games (a huge fan of the Biohazard series)
A closet anime obsessed cosplayer
Can be dense when it comes to his own personal issues
Prefers juice than carbonated drinks
Favorite food is takoyaki, egg rolls, and Garlic and oil pasta
Will become talkative and excited when talking about anime related stuff
Hates being doubted when he's being completely honest
His eyes and hair are reddish-brown
His pet peeves are: wet table surfaces and a dirty computer mouse/laptop touchpad

Club: A.M.G (anime/manga/gaming) Club

:iconhanakaoruplz:Hana : W-wha?
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